In Sri Lanka there is life in every corner, you never know what a surprise you can find if you stop and look at your around..!

Sri Lanka is one of the countries with the largest number of natural reserves, where you can discover the richness of all species & access certain reserves and protected areas where animals live in the wild..!

The Best & Attractives National Parks Of Sri Lanka..!

  • Yaala National Park.
  • Minneriya National Park.!
  • Habarana National Park.
  • Wilpaththu National Park.!
  • Udawalawa National Park.!
  • Kumana birds Watching National Park.
  • Kaudulla National Park.!
  • Dundala National Park.!
  • Wasgamuwa National Park.!
  • Lunugamvehera National Park.!
  • Horton Place National Park.!
  • Lahugala National Park.!


It is one of the most famous and popular national parks in Sri Lanka.

And his visit is almost essential once in the country. It already has the highest densities of leopards in the world.

There is also a large population of elephants and you can find deer, crocodiles, buffalo and even bears. Besides, it is a spectacle for lovers of birds and peacocks who love anyone birds..!

Minneriya National Park & Kadulla..!

In these parks is one of the largest populations of elephants in Sri Lanka. In few places in the world you can see so many elephants together and from so close, families and families stroll through their meadows that surround the lakes while watching them from an all-terrain prepared for the occasion..!

Udawalawa National Park.

Park to the south of the island and not far from Yala. Here you will find the Udawalawe Elephant Transit tribute, an insertion center for orphaned elephants. Here also live leopards, bears, a variety of deer, crocodiles, water buffalo, monkeys, etc..!

Wilpaththu National Park.

This park is well known for the attractiveness of seeing more leopards. It is located on the west coast of the country and is the largest of Sri Lanka’s national parks. A safari in wilpattu is very different from what would be done in other national parks, with a genuine atmosphere, Wilpattu means in cingale “natural lakes” .A nature level is impressive, there are many elephants, lazy bears, leopards, crocodiles, buffaloes, etc. …

Kumana National Park.

Kumana National Park is a protected area and Sri Lanka.

particularly noted for its avifauna, especially by the Anatides and wading birds.

It is located on the southwest coast of the country about 391 kilometers from Colombo. It has a huge creek and some 20 lagoons and water reserves that serve as support for the extensive birdlife..!

The park is surrounded by tropical thorny forest.Here are n deer, buffalo varans, wild boars, elephants, monkeys, leopards, etc …

Horton Place (Plains National Park)

This park is located on the southern plateau of the mountainous region of central Sri Lanka..!

It is a protected area of ​​the central plateaus in Sri Lanka, this area is covered by mountain and bosque.La vegetation of the Plains is varied, in addition to many endemic species of woody plants and large herds of ravens Sambar of Sri Lanka..





Beach Holidays – Sri Lanka..!

Do not miss the best holidays with difference… On our charming & historic island, with its great variety of places to visit..Montains,tea fields, waterfalls, temples, national parks with diverse fame & all with a great combination of activities to practice. As you see a paradise to discover ..!

One of its most visited places are ..!!


This place has attractive spots to see and one of them famous for the thousands of turtles that come to lay their eggs at nightfall…

In Tanglle there is much to discover… Here we detail your points of greatest interest..!

  • Tangalle Lagoon.
  • Rakawa lagoon.
  • Monastery of stone.
  • Mulkirigala Rock Temple.
  • Blow hall.

 Its 10 Best Outdoor Activities..Day Trips..!

  • Safari Bundala national park.
  • Udawalawa National Park.
  • Center resort.
  • Guided tours.
  • Kumana national park.
  • Tours around natural sites.
  • Dry zone botany gardens.
  • Spas,
  • Massages,
  • Yoga.
  • Surfing,
  • Kitesurfing,
  • Diving,
  • Camping,
  • Fishing, etc ..!



Nice beach with excellent access, with very good quality restaurants, and with many things to do such as water sports, Snorkeling, diving, jet skis and much more..!

City located in the southwest of the island, with a European touch and about 120 km from Colombo. A unique and representative place of this destination. 

The fortified city is nowadays a very touristy place, with boutique hotels in restored colonial houses.



City located in the southwest of the island about 115 kilometers from Colombo. A unique and representative place of this destination with a European colonial touch, fortified city that today is a very touristy place, with its colonial hotels totally restored.Their Moon cuisine is also known for its extraordinary variation of food, one of them the coconut known for its huge size and delicious taste to taste..!

One of the top 10 things to do in Galle .

  • Sea turtle hatchery center Mahamora.
  • Guided tours by bike.
  • Kayak and canoe.
  • Sinharaja forest reserve.
  • Galle Fort Lighthouse.
  • Guided camping and hiking.
  • Tours around natural sites.
  • Surfing,
  • Wind Surfing,
  • Kitesurfing.
  • Duwili  Falls.



Another well-known city, located on the south coast of Sri Lanka and one of the most visited by tourism for its coves and daily practice in countless activities, surfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, diving, camping, jet skis, etc. and 100km from Colombo ..!



Located on the south coast of the island, its name literally means “village of sand”. It is one of the places where time seems to have stopped. With several kilometers of coast bathed by warm and crystalline waters..!

This place attracts travelers, in search of contemplating the typical fishermen of the region for its so curious and particular way of fishing..!

Outdoor activities in Weligama.

Weligama there is a dive center. Surf ‘n Lanka. Surfing school. Freedom surf and travel. Weligama surfs tours Whales Lanka. Wave Slayer. My surfcamp..!

  • Surfing Schools.
  • Diving.
  • Kite Surfing.
  • Boat Tours.
  • Discover Beaches.



paradise beach .. A fantastic place located south of Sri Lanka and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with many beach bars around, offers many alternatives to travelers who are dropped by this charming place..

You can see whales and herds of dolphins. With their activities to practice .. Snorkeling, surfing or diving.All this can also be accompanied by a pleasant ayurvedic massage and also enjoy their party nights..!

Places and Activities in Mirissa

  • Whale and dolphin watching.
  • Bike Tours.
  • Water Sports.
  • Spas.
  • Yoga.
  • Boat tours.
  • Guided tours of cafes and tea
  • shops.
  • Kayak and canoe
  • Surf, Windsurf.
  • Guided fishing tours.


How to see everything absolutely everything you can find in this unique and paradisiacal place ..!

Turn every minute of your trip into an unforgettable experience as it deserves ….!

Services to keep in mind..

  • Excellent location ..
  • Hotels (easy reservation).
  • Accommodation and services of currency exchange.
  • Restaurant Service.
  • Tours and guided tours.
  • Transportation and services.
  • Geography and climate.
  • Religion.
  • Sports.
  • Notes of reference, etc…!

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Sri Lanka..!

In Sri Lanka there is life in every corner you never know what a surprise you can find if you stop to watch your surroundings..!

It is a country where the tranquility of its inhabitants reigns, which is the main characteristic after a decade of peace..!

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka in its tropical forests, beaches and landscapes, as well as a rich cultural heritage make it a world-famous tourist destination..!

Nowadays it has become the fashionable city for tourism, chosen as the main source to visit, for its interesting historical culture,with its gigantic & striking figures of buddhas,temples,palaces, forts, ruins, etc…!

In this island also known by the island of a thousand names, sacred for Buddhism, with a protected area of ​​4.000 habitants where you can lose between paid and monasteries walking through areas that are a haven of absolute peace, where you find a great variety of places to visit, mountains te fields, colonial waterfalls and national parks with diverse forms ..!

one of the details to emphasize of this city is that it is known for its high production and export of tea, cinnamon, coffee, rubber, coconut, has a progressive and modern industrial economy..!

Its outstanding cities to highlight are …!

One of them Colombo the city known for its commercial capital and the most populated with more than 600,000 inhabitants, vibrant modernist architecture, with thousands of buildings and colonial ruins.

Kandy another city highlighted by its beauty with a colonial touch, known as capital of the mountains and for being the heart of Buddhism..

Sri Lanka pure Natural .. also has several national parks where if you like the wild life you can enjoy the best proposals of safari and see where it concentrates the majority population of leopards and elephants..!

Historycal City’s In Sri Lanka..!

Anuradhapura :-  247 – 207 BC.

Anuradhapura is one of the oldest capitals of Sri Lanka known for its well-preserved ruins. Sri Lanka’s World Heritage Site in which archeology has a lot to do with religion..!

Pollonnaruwa :- 1017 DC.

polonnaruwa one of the places with more interest to visit and to contemplate closely the statue of Buddha lying down of Gale  vihara considered the most perfect and mysterious statue of Sri Lanka..!

Dhambulla. 01st century BC.

Dambulla. In this place the most interesting to highlight is the Temple of Gold with its five caves open to the public where you can admire dozens of statues and murals. There are more than 80 caves around, where people inhabited the prehistoric population..!

Sigiriya Lion’s Rock..

Dates back from over 7,000  years ..!

Known rock icon and the eighth wonder of the world.It is a fortress of ancient rocks and immense stones located in Matale, in the center of Sri Lanka..! one of the most important to know and most visited by the tourist, with an altitude of 370 meters,which makes your views become more exciting to contemplate before large and beautiful gardens.for its breathtaking and view to large and beautiful gardens..!


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We are a well-known active and recreational tourism and adventure company in Sri Lanka.
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Each group, every tourist, every tourist experience requires a unique treatment, so we count on the collaboration of our informative team by professionals, trying from their first contact with us to the Order to organize the best itinerary with the maximum guarantees and fully adjustable prices.Our tours have been Carefully studied so that our clients enjoy the best routes, meals, hotels ..
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Our team of professionals and natives of the area are available daily offering courses and activities which are becoming more popular to practice.Activities: Surfing, Kitesurfing, diving, Rafting .. In Surf and Kitesurf classes you can enjoy the daily attractions with more than 30 surfers at our charge for total help and teaching.
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The Force Of Movement

We offer integrative classes, based on the teaching of Yoga and meditation, positively including in the physiological, immunological, spiritual, social and family emotional well-being.

We remain in the movement, guided by an all-embracing spirit, gathered and open to all that is new, which day by day presents itself in us in a different way and creates a new understanding.

Constellations & Active Meditation.

Formation in development & personal evolution.

Life is movement, change and renewal.
When matter stops in our life & is blocked & not observed, obstructs free movement, and life can not enter us and if can not feel as , magic and beauty and happiness to life.

This is the opportunity to let life move in you. Firstly recognizing his place in the family, in the field in which he belongs and from there to experiment with a beautiful meditation and you can feel active and fluid.

The silence that inhabits me..!

Imotional Intelligence.

Meditation directed in a natural & privileged environment.

This therapy focuses attention on the patient’s total protagonism and ability.

Clean our minds of judgments and concerns and advancing in the pursuit of peace and the development of our inner capacities.

The goal is to learn establish the mechanisms of observation of your mental patterns and emotional states, and what is more, to direct them according to your maximum well being, peace and happiness, experiencing it with a pleasant & beautiful meditation.


Harmonizing, Mind, Body & spirit..!

Natural therapies that seek to harmonize the whole mind, body and spirit.

Methods of recovery of health, contemplating each person as a unique being and treat the organism as an “All”.Considering of paramount importance, the personal record in what is well-being and health.


“Relaxing & Personal Care Treatment .

Our camps are based on an innovative pedagogical model, which promotes healthy living habits.

Multi-adventure camp, an assured mountain experience,We have a camping area in the middle of nature and with all the necessary services for a correct camping (showers, hot water, swimming pool, etc …) an ideal place for the practice of hiking and camping.

1. Hydrotherapy –

Healing method based on the use of water,treating diseases, injuries and disorders, applied in different scenarios in a natural and spiritual environment, for purposes totally beneficial to our health.


2. Sound Therapy_

Therapy with therapeutic sounds.

Specialized in biocustics with therapeutic application sounds of the nature and in the incidence of alive beings. Sounds emitted by the earth and all beings of nature. These sounds are able to maintain the vital balance and lead us to a state of consciousness in harmony with the earth.

3. Food Therapy _

Discover the magic of the vegetable world, and learn how to use its ingredients, discovering the intimate relationship between food and health, and how to protect your well-being through the food protagonists of our recipes and with it also to be able to enter with our aid in the world Ayurveda.

The most nutritious tree of the world and that contains innumerable nutritional properties for our salud. we teach & prepare with this magic herb treatments that contain a cobination of Vitamins, minerals.

4. Art Therapy _

It is a form of psychotherapy that uses the plastic arts as a means to recover or improve mental health and emotional well-being .

5. Tree’s Therapy.

Spiritual response therapy is a research process by which we can find out the source of the blockages that affect our lives, generating negative symptoms and emotions, the root of which is usually found in past lives. These blocks are nothing more than lessons that the soul has not yet learned, which come back to be solved. We often see them as “problems” we give the possibility to investigate these blocks and propose to see them as challenges on which to work.


Sports & Tourist Activities Hiking.

What better than in the jungle to enjoy a wonderful hike and experience the fullest contact with nature.


Camping On The Beach & Treatments..!

Recreational Camp.

The most popular activity for its direct contact with nature, being able to enjoy the outdoors in all its activities of adventure and learning.

Wind Therapy.

Moon Therapy.

Skin Color Change Treatment.

Body Massage.

Healing Power Stone’s.

Surfing & Other Activities.


Specialty Wind Therapy.

Wonderful experience to practice and be aware of that feeling of absolute freedom you experience when you are in action between wind and water.

2. Moon Therapy_

Deep personal healing at all levels.

Spiritual awakening to the inner fullness and acceptance of our femininity.

Take a beautiful path offering awakening and healing for the women of the earth, each blessing is a more posed to incorporate purity love the light, serenity and wisdom of the female divinity. A rapid path of rapid development on a personal and spiritual level. Discover and be consistent with the purpose of our soul. Evolve in peace, love and light towards the next stage of the feminine consciousness.


“Skin color change Treatment !

Discover Skin color Change own treatment made with 100% natural oils. Specialists in the second effect natural and radiant skin and with a wide range of colors for each tone of your skin and providing a number of nutrients for the care of your skin, can be applied on our wonderful beaches under the sun for a greater and Pleasant well being.

“Combinations from Aromatherapy & Massage.

100% natural aromatic herbal extracts are used in all our treatments.

* Anti -Stress Massage. 

* Full Body Massage.

* Head Massage.

* Reflexology (Foot Massage).

* Chiromassage.

Let yourself be enveloped by the sensations of our massages.

Our massages are composed of a massage chart to choose, to give pleasure to your senses and to experience a unique and sensitive sensation.

Combined with natural oils, extracts, cream that you choose. They combine from pure cocoa, green tea, coconut, quartz, roses..etc ..

Massages to Highlight…!

1. Anti – Stress Massage.

Relaxing massage combined with anti- stress therapy that helps to restore the energetic balance of body & mind, that will condition you to a state of peace & deep well – being.


2. Chiromassage.

This massage is of great help for people with circulatory problems as it improves blood flow, especially improving the circulatory system, Lymphatic system and the nervous system, since it works at a deeper level.

3. Relieving massage.

This massage is highly effective, acts quickly relaxing the body and releasing endorphins, hormones that generate positive emotions of well-being.


4. Reflexology (Foot Massage)

It consists of massages of the feet to calm certain evils and tensions with a guaranteed improvement in the physical and mental state.


5. Aromatic massage.

This massage is characterized by its potential & greater existence in our demands.

It is a gentle massage on the surface of the muscle, without pain, with physical and psychic benefits.

Very relaxing massage, happiness and well-being that is received with this massage stimulates the endorphins hormones that improves psycho-imunologia.Utilizamos essential oils of certain plants as therapeutic method.


Discover the Power of Healing Stone’s Sri Lanka & Its Significance..!

We are specialized in the complete personal study and we search with total attention the stone that agrees to him. The stones are of great help by his spiritual powers and healing of the gems and crystals. The crystals and stones emit healing vibrations that can alleviate all types of physical disorders and mental emotions, therefore we study and personalized each stone for religious and therapeutic purposes for each client. Stone of hand, pendants, spheres, pyramids … etc … You deserve it.

From your arrival at the airport, we are available 24 hours. With the possibility of clarifying any doubts that arise during the elaboration of the trip and even propose interesting and attractive alternatives for our customers in a totally personalized way or be able to modify everything that the client wishes on the same day.

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** Custom Packages.

Excellent personalization … and with it also they have the full possibility and disposition to clarify any doubts that arise during the elaboration of the trip, even proposing more interesting and attractive alternatives for the traveler in a totally personalized way so that they enjoy to the maximum of their trip.

** Specialized Packages.

In this last detailed package you will find a wide availability and you will find packages of archaeological tourism, adventure, honeymoon and much more … With gift tickets, hotel, food, tourist activities, etc …. all included in the package.


Free Accommodation Hotels & Cabanas.

Free Included Therapies – Yoga & Body Massages in This Package. 

Free Healing Power Sapphire Ring. That what Suitable For Each Person. 


Free  “Train Tour to Ella City 5 Hour’s Ride.. Explore The Nature.. & Funs.. 

Camping in forest & on the beach..

Water Rafting kithulgala kelani River. 

Water fall’s Tour’s & Hiking..

Ella City Tours – Little Adam’s peak ..


Blow hall tour – Explore the beaches ( Tangalle).

Surfing Lessons For 5 Days.

Airport pickup – Drop & Driver – Guide For whole Tour with full Air-condition vehicle & Tuk Tuk Tours.

Locations Φ

Norton Bridge ( Central ).

Ella City. 

Tangalle Beach  ( Down south).

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