Sri Lanka..!

In Sri Lanka there is life in every corner you never know what a surprise you can find if you stop to watch your surroundings..!

It is a country where the tranquility of its inhabitants reigns, which is the main characteristic after a decade of peace..!

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka in its tropical forests, beaches and landscapes, as well as a rich cultural heritage make it a world-famous tourist destination..!

Nowadays it has become the fashionable city for tourism, chosen as the main source to visit, for its interesting historical culture,with its gigantic & striking figures of buddhas,temples,palaces, forts, ruins, etc…!

In this island also known by the island of a thousand names, sacred for Buddhism, with a protected area of ​​4.000 habitants where you can lose between paid and monasteries walking through areas that are a haven of absolute peace, where you find a great variety of places to visit, mountains te fields, colonial waterfalls and national parks with diverse forms ..!

one of the details to emphasize of this city is that it is known for its high production and export of tea, cinnamon, coffee, rubber, coconut, has a progressive and modern industrial economy..!

Its outstanding cities to highlight are …!

One of them Colombo the city known for its commercial capital and the most populated with more than 600,000 inhabitants, vibrant modernist architecture, with thousands of buildings and colonial ruins.

Kandy another city highlighted by its beauty with a colonial touch, known as capital of the mountains and for being the heart of Buddhism..

Sri Lanka pure Natural .. also has several national parks where if you like the wild life you can enjoy the best proposals of safari and see where it concentrates the majority population of leopards and elephants..!

Historycal City’s In Sri Lanka..!

Anuradhapura :-  247 – 207 BC.

Anuradhapura is one of the oldest capitals of Sri Lanka known for its well-preserved ruins. Sri Lanka’s World Heritage Site in which archeology has a lot to do with religion..!

Pollonnaruwa :- 1017 DC.

polonnaruwa one of the places with more interest to visit and to contemplate closely the statue of Buddha lying down of Gale  vihara considered the most perfect and mysterious statue of Sri Lanka..!

Dhambulla. 01st century BC.

Dambulla. In this place the most interesting to highlight is the Temple of Gold with its five caves open to the public where you can admire dozens of statues and murals. There are more than 80 caves around, where people inhabited the prehistoric population..!

Sigiriya Lion’s Rock..

Dates back from over 7,000  years ..!

Known rock icon and the eighth wonder of the world.It is a fortress of ancient rocks and immense stones located in Matale, in the center of Sri Lanka..! one of the most important to know and most visited by the tourist, with an altitude of 370 meters,which makes your views become more exciting to contemplate before large and beautiful gardens.for its breathtaking and view to large and beautiful gardens..!


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