Water Sports on land and in the Ocean

With more than a hundred of rivers, swamps, lagoons, and a few interconnected old canals and lakes the opportunities for canoeing and kayaking are plenty in a Sri Lanka Holiday. Do make sure to request it in an all inclusive Sri Lanka holiday. The Kelani River and the River Kaluganga offer good prospects of canoeing through the serene country side in generally placid waters. The many reservoirs that dot the inevitable routes you must follow in a Sri Lanka trip offer superb canoeing facilities. The docile waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir easily accessible from Belihuloya is a popular canoeing site. You can also undertake some hiking or biking in the pleasant surroundings of Belihuloya which has a hiking trail to Horton Plains. The Chandrikawewa Reservoir which is on the route from Rathnapura – the Gem City to the Yala National park is another reservoir for canoeing with a panoramic view of the mountain range that skirts it. Naturally an experienced guide and modern life jackets will be available by your Sri Lanka tour operator. Those who are not experienced will be given an appropriate orientation in canoeing.