Amaizing Tour For Mr- Roberto Alvarez

We’re Lankan Tour Hub (Pvt) Ltd.


* Welcome to Unforgettable Travelling Experience in Sri Lanka ..!

Day Sheduls.. :-

DAY 1.

We’ll pick you up from Colombo Airport & directly we’ll bring you to “Sigiriya Villege Hotel ” & you’ll have a Sigiriya Lion’s Rock Tour or  Hike after 3pm & you’ll can see wonderful sun set on summit. Also villege tours are  included.& you’ll sleep Sigiriya villege Hotel this night..

DAY 2.

After breakfast we’ll bring you to “Habarana National Park” for wild safari. You’ll can see bunch of elephants ,Tigers & more wild animals there & you’ll have safari jeep for safari tour. & after lunch we’ll bring you to “Trincomalee Beach” & you’ll have Trincomalee city tours & Hindu temple tour in this day & also possible to do snookling around Hindu temple area.. & you’ll have rest on the beach cabanas there..

DAY 3.

After breakfast you’ll have “Diving Tours & we’ll bring you to the Great Greek Coral Reef “& you’ll  have 2 diving there & you can driving in Natural tunels & colorful fish’s & Discover Amaizing Sri Lankan under Water World.. After Diving you’ll can snookling & we’ll bring you to Natural Hot Water Wells For Natural Hot water Therapy there.. That will be after 4pm in this day.. & you’ll can make fun on the beach with night fire.. We’ll arrange everything with your choice & needed..

DAY 4.

After breakfast we’ll leave from Trincomalee to “Kithulgala villege for water Rafting & this journey will be 6 hours by car to kithulgala. & you’ll have lunch on the way to kithulgala & we’ll arrange it Natural & nice place. & you’ll have a Rafting in kithulgala about 4pm & you’ll can sleep on tree house or as you wish in hotel.

DAY 5.

After breakfast you’ll have more 1 Rafting & Our Rafting guides will guide you with every events & after Rafting we will bring you to wonderful Travel to ‘Aberdeen water fall & you’ll have bike Ride to there.. & after lunch we’ll bring you to Down South Sri Lanka to Tangalle Beach for Surfing.. that will be more 6 hours ride by car.. In this day at night you’ll rest on the beach cabanas..

DAY 6.

After breakfast we’ll bring you to surf point & you’ll have surf boards & Surf Lessons there whole day.  After 5pm we’ll bring you to “Blow hall” & you’ll can see natural Blow hall there.. In this day you will have small party on the beach with night fire & you can rest well too..

DAY 7.

After breakfast you’ll have a surfing Lessons & surfing Tour for another surf point & after 11 am you’ll have a full body massage & spacial treatment for your skin & after lunch you will can enjoy with surfing & also on the beach dinner with night fire & music.. Enjoy your last night in Sri Lanka..!!

DAY 8.

After breakfast you’ll can surfing or rest on the beach & after lunch we’ll bring you to Colombo Airport safly from Tangalle to Airport will be 5 hours ride by car..


We’ll Arrange everything what we’ll have included for this Package.. 


All included Activities & instructors..

Hotels , Cabanas  & 3 Meals.. 

Transport For whole Tour by car with Tour guide..

We’ll Arrange Everything what you will needed in this Tour.. 



* 2850€.



The Force Of Movement

We offer integrative classes, based on the teaching of Yoga and meditation, positively including in the physiological, immunological, spiritual, social and family emotional well-being.

We remain in the movement, guided by an all-embracing spirit, gathered and open to all that is new, which day by day presents itself in us in a different way and creates a new understanding.

Constellations & Active Meditation.

Formation in development & personal evolution.

Life is movement, change and renewal.
When matter stops in our life & is blocked & not observed, obstructs free movement, and life can not enter us and if can not feel as , magic and beauty and happiness to life.

This is the opportunity to let life move in you. Firstly recognizing his place in the family, in the field in which he belongs and from there to experiment with a beautiful meditation and you can feel active and fluid.

The silence that inhabits me..!

Imotional Intelligence.

Meditation directed in a natural & privileged environment.

This therapy focuses attention on the patient’s total protagonism and ability.

Clean our minds of judgments and concerns and advancing in the pursuit of peace and the development of our inner capacities.

The goal is to learn establish the mechanisms of observation of your mental patterns and emotional states, and what is more, to direct them according to your maximum well being, peace and happiness, experiencing it with a pleasant & beautiful meditation.


Harmonizing, Mind, Body & spirit..!

Natural therapies that seek to harmonize the whole mind, body and spirit.

Methods of recovery of health, contemplating each person as a unique being and treat the organism as an “All”.Considering of paramount importance, the personal record in what is well-being and health.


“Relaxing & Personal Care Treatment .

Our camps are based on an innovative pedagogical model, which promotes healthy living habits.

Multi-adventure camp, an assured mountain experience,We have a camping area in the middle of nature and with all the necessary services for a correct camping (showers, hot water, swimming pool, etc …) an ideal place for the practice of hiking and camping.

1. Hydrotherapy –

Healing method based on the use of water,treating diseases, injuries and disorders, applied in different scenarios in a natural and spiritual environment, for purposes totally beneficial to our health.


2. Sound Therapy_

Therapy with therapeutic sounds.

Specialized in biocustics with therapeutic application sounds of the nature and in the incidence of alive beings. Sounds emitted by the earth and all beings of nature. These sounds are able to maintain the vital balance and lead us to a state of consciousness in harmony with the earth.

3. Food Therapy _

Discover the magic of the vegetable world, and learn how to use its ingredients, discovering the intimate relationship between food and health, and how to protect your well-being through the food protagonists of our recipes and with it also to be able to enter with our aid in the world Ayurveda.

The most nutritious tree of the world and that contains innumerable nutritional properties for our salud. we teach & prepare with this magic herb treatments that contain a cobination of Vitamins, minerals.

4. Art Therapy _

It is a form of psychotherapy that uses the plastic arts as a means to recover or improve mental health and emotional well-being .

5. Tree’s Therapy.

Spiritual response therapy is a research process by which we can find out the source of the blockages that affect our lives, generating negative symptoms and emotions, the root of which is usually found in past lives. These blocks are nothing more than lessons that the soul has not yet learned, which come back to be solved. We often see them as “problems” we give the possibility to investigate these blocks and propose to see them as challenges on which to work.


Sports & Tourist Activities Hiking.

What better than in the jungle to enjoy a wonderful hike and experience the fullest contact with nature.


Camping On The Beach & Treatments..!

Recreational Camp.

The most popular activity for its direct contact with nature, being able to enjoy the outdoors in all its activities of adventure and learning.

Wind Therapy.

Moon Therapy.

Skin Color Change Treatment.

Body Massage.

Healing Power Stone’s.

Surfing & Other Activities.


Specialty Wind Therapy.

Wonderful experience to practice and be aware of that feeling of absolute freedom you experience when you are in action between wind and water.

2. Moon Therapy_

Deep personal healing at all levels.

Spiritual awakening to the inner fullness and acceptance of our femininity.

Take a beautiful path offering awakening and healing for the women of the earth, each blessing is a more posed to incorporate purity love the light, serenity and wisdom of the female divinity. A rapid path of rapid development on a personal and spiritual level. Discover and be consistent with the purpose of our soul. Evolve in peace, love and light towards the next stage of the feminine consciousness.


“Skin color change Treatment !

Discover Skin color Change own treatment made with 100% natural oils. Specialists in the second effect natural and radiant skin and with a wide range of colors for each tone of your skin and providing a number of nutrients for the care of your skin, can be applied on our wonderful beaches under the sun for a greater and Pleasant well being.

“Combinations from Aromatherapy & Massage.

100% natural aromatic herbal extracts are used in all our treatments.

* Anti -Stress Massage. 

* Full Body Massage.

* Head Massage.

* Reflexology (Foot Massage).

* Chiromassage.

Let yourself be enveloped by the sensations of our massages.

Our massages are composed of a massage chart to choose, to give pleasure to your senses and to experience a unique and sensitive sensation.

Combined with natural oils, extracts, cream that you choose. They combine from pure cocoa, green tea, coconut, quartz, roses..etc ..

Massages to Highlight…!

1. Anti – Stress Massage.

Relaxing massage combined with anti- stress therapy that helps to restore the energetic balance of body & mind, that will condition you to a state of peace & deep well – being.


2. Chiromassage.

This massage is of great help for people with circulatory problems as it improves blood flow, especially improving the circulatory system, Lymphatic system and the nervous system, since it works at a deeper level.

3. Relieving massage.

This massage is highly effective, acts quickly relaxing the body and releasing endorphins, hormones that generate positive emotions of well-being.


4. Reflexology (Foot Massage)

It consists of massages of the feet to calm certain evils and tensions with a guaranteed improvement in the physical and mental state.


5. Aromatic massage.

This massage is characterized by its potential & greater existence in our demands.

It is a gentle massage on the surface of the muscle, without pain, with physical and psychic benefits.

Very relaxing massage, happiness and well-being that is received with this massage stimulates the endorphins hormones that improves psycho-imunologia.Utilizamos essential oils of certain plants as therapeutic method.


Discover the Power of Healing Stone’s Sri Lanka & Its Significance..!

We are specialized in the complete personal study and we search with total attention the stone that agrees to him. The stones are of great help by his spiritual powers and healing of the gems and crystals. The crystals and stones emit healing vibrations that can alleviate all types of physical disorders and mental emotions, therefore we study and personalized each stone for religious and therapeutic purposes for each client. Stone of hand, pendants, spheres, pyramids … etc … You deserve it.

From your arrival at the airport, we are available 24 hours. With the possibility of clarifying any doubts that arise during the elaboration of the trip and even propose interesting and attractive alternatives for our customers in a totally personalized way or be able to modify everything that the client wishes on the same day.

” Start Your Trip In An Instant.”

Think No More…!!

Enjoy an Amazing Vacation as You Deserve it.. 


** Custom Packages.

Excellent personalization … and with it also they have the full possibility and disposition to clarify any doubts that arise during the elaboration of the trip, even proposing more interesting and attractive alternatives for the traveler in a totally personalized way so that they enjoy to the maximum of their trip.

** Specialized Packages.

In this last detailed package you will find a wide availability and you will find packages of archaeological tourism, adventure, honeymoon and much more … With gift tickets, hotel, food, tourist activities, etc …. all included in the package.


Free Accommodation Hotels & Cabanas.

Free Included Therapies – Yoga & Body Massages in This Package. 

Free Healing Power Sapphire Ring. That what Suitable For Each Person. 


Free  “Train Tour to Ella City 5 Hour’s Ride.. Explore The Nature.. & Funs.. 

Camping in forest & on the beach..

Water Rafting kithulgala kelani River. 

Water fall’s Tour’s & Hiking..

Ella City Tours – Little Adam’s peak ..


Blow hall tour – Explore the beaches ( Tangalle).

Surfing Lessons For 5 Days.

Airport pickup – Drop & Driver – Guide For whole Tour with full Air-condition vehicle & Tuk Tuk Tours.

Locations Φ

Norton Bridge ( Central ).

Ella City. 

Tangalle Beach  ( Down south).

* Reservation easily.. ♥

Can make their reservation also through our web.

* The best price … Find the ideal options for you & your budget.. 

Reserve now .!! 

Come meet us & enjoy an unforgettable experience.We are in total availability of all our services 24 hours  for everything that is needed. 

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