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March 17, 2020
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Surf Spots – Surf Camps & Yoga.

Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, Ahangama, Midigama, Weligama, Mirissa, , Matara, & Hiriketiya.

Join Lankan Tour Hub in a “My Surf Camp” surf school in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Here, surfers of any level will be able to refresh themselves and have access to beautiful warm water. West coast has been considered a little slice of paradise by some, the same can be said about the villa, waves, and surroundings. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or advance surfer, the waves are always ready for you!


  • 90-minute surfing lessons
  • Service of a skillful surf instructor
  • The use of surfboard for the whole day
  • A fish barbecue or vegetarian dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Yoga classes
  • Surf tours
  • Transportation
  • Airport pickup & drop

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Beginners Surfing lessons

  • Preparations on the beach including safety introduction
  • Surfing supported by an instructor
  • Time for break/s if needed
  • Short wrap-up

Level 1 surfing lesson

Level 1 surfing lesson is designed for the complete beginner and for those who have tried surfing few times but have not been able to catch a wave by themselves. You will learn surfing with the right techniques accompanied with friendly and experienced surfing instructors of The My Surf camp Weligama. One instructor will guide a maximum of 2 persons. For first timers we are recommending this shorter beginners class, as surfing is a physically demanding sport and can be quite tiring!

Level 2 surfing lesson

Level 2 surfing lesson is designed for the surfers who can catch a wave in the white water but want to continue to progress their surfing and learn safety tips, tricks, how to go to the line up, how to catch a green wave properly and turn so they can improve from a beginner surfing level to an intermediate one.

Intermediate Surf Lessons.

Taking you to your next surfing level.

Our innovative and unique coaching system for intermediate and advanced surf lessons is thought of as one of the best island wide, Booking with us is a process where we get to know who you are, where you are in your surfing and what you want from the course. That attention to your needs and the ability to really expand your surfing is what makes us so special We have coached right up to top international competitors and have over 10 years of surf coaching experience at the intermediate and advanced levels of surfing..!

Developing your surfing technique

Our board selection and design service is unlike any other surf camp or school. Imagine having just the right board being chosen by your own coach? A board that will really help you have more fun and advance in your surfing If you are just moving onto unbroken waves and your first good turns, or if you’re more advanced and your already trying to perfect maneuver’s , then our coaching will be perfect for you. We explain techniques clearly and always give you the correct and positive feedback that’s needed. We know we can make a huge difference to your surfing and women’s intermediate and advanced surfing is progressing all the time and our coaching and coaches reflect that too.

What you’ll learn…!

When you’re with us we will cover, at this level.

  • Paddle out techniques duck dive
  • Paddling technique
  • Cut backs, off the lips, floaters
  • Wave formation
  • The history of surfing
  • Surfboard design
  • The rules of surfing
  • Tides and how they work
  • Fitness for surfing
  • Types of surf spots
  • Surf prediction

“Definitely the best Surf school in Sri Lanka, with coaching capable of all standards of abilities.”

Advanced Surf Lessons..!

Our advanced surf lessons are focused on helping surfers to have more fun by gaining more control and better flow and consistency to your riding in more challenging waves.

What will I learn in advanced surf lessons?

This course will help you improve your bottom turn and to learn top turns or cutbacks, how to duck dive, and how to take control of your speed. Progress from passively gliding down the wave to actively surfing it.

Learn how to generate speed, choose the right manoeuvres to stay in the power pocket of the wave, and how to improve your paddling technique so you use less energy.

Our instructors can also help with advanced take off techniques to minimize wipe outs, and help you acquire better wave-reading to avoid close-outs and get a better position in the line-up.

How do advanced surf lessons work?

We’ll do a short assessment will help to determine your surfing level, so we can tailor the right training program with specific exercises for you.

Depending on your abilities and goals, we will help you focus on the right exercises and on choosing the right equipment.  We’ll ensure you don’t limit your development through poor equipment choices, such as having too small a board or the wrong fin set-up, etc.

All our surf instructors are skilled and professional, certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

We keep our groups small, always working to a maximum of eight students per instructor, in keeping with the recommendation of the ISA.

How quickly will I progress in advanced surf lessons?

It’s hard to predict how many lessons anyone will need to improve. Some students improve after three lessons, and others need 10 lessons or more. The average is somewhere between 5 and 10 lessons.

As you know, surfing heavily depends on weather conditions, so we always recommend visiting us for a longer period of time – at least for week or two.

The longer you stay with us, the better your surfing could be!

My Surf Camp Surf School and Team.

The team is made up of locals as their knowledge of the area, ocean, currents, and tides very well. They will keep you paddling, standing on your board, and catching and riding waves in no time – all with a big smile on your face. The team follows an instructing system which has proved itself successfully over the years. At the same time, they pay attention to the ability of every single student and make sure you take the next level when you’re ready. In other cases, they are improving your technique until you make it. Part of the technique learned is reading the waves and the ocean.

My Surf Camp Surf School Team


My Surf Camp Surf School Weligama is a locally owned surf school in the southern provincial coastal 0n the beach of Weligama, Sri Lanka. Known for its surfing waves and chilled tropical surfer vibe, it is the perfect and peaceful place to learn to surf lessons. In doing so, My Surf Camp Surf School Weligama has qualified well experienced team to teach you the best surf lessons in Sri Lanka.


  • Facilities
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Honesty bar
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Luggage room / storage
  • Multilingual staff
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Yoga deck
  • Board rental
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Tour assistance

During this surf holiday, you have the option of staying in a dorm room or private room as well as hostels, hotels & villa we can offer depends on your budget or needs.


On this surf camp, you will be served with daily Breakfast Lunch & Dinners. You can also have the best local foods experience as well as the western foods in The Surf Weligama restaurants.

Explore Surf Tours

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a surfing holiday, and has been a popular surf destination since the 1970. Boasting not only the escapist south-east beach settlement of Arugam Bay – which is listed as one of the top ten surf spots in the world – but also several other great surf points along the south coast, including Hikkaduwa, Ahangama, Weligama, Mirissa, Matara, Madiya, Hiriketiya & Tangalle surfers will be spoiled for choice. Sri Lanka’s monsoon weather patterns mean that one side of the island is always in season for water-sports, so surfing in Sri Lanka is possible all year round.

Arugam Bay – East Coast

East Coast – Arugam Bay (April – October)

Also known as A’Bay, Arugam Bay is acclaimed as one of the top ten surfing locations in the world and is a popular haunt for surfers from across the globe during the peak season between June and August. Waves of up to 6 feet and rides of almost 400 miters, as well as the relatively secluded beaches, make Arugam Bay a surfers’ paradise. Surf boards can be rented in the town, and lessons are also available. There are several surf points here, suited to beginners and those with more experience. These include

Arugam Bay Surf Points

  • Ulla Main Point Intermediate & Advanced surfers only
  • Baby Surf Point, a popular location suitable for beginners and body surfing
  • Pottuvil Point, situated on a deserted beach and suitable for those with more experience
  • Crocodile Rock, a challenging surf point just south of the main bay
  • Peanut Farm Point
  • Whiskey Point
  • Elephant Rock Point
  • Okanda Point

Hikkaduwa – West Coast

West Coast – Hikkaduwa (November – April)

Hikkaduwa is the main surf destination and attracts surfers from Australia, UK, Japan, USA, and many more countries. There are up to four main surf points with clear, warm water in the Hikkaduwa area. Although most of them are reef breaks, none of them are risky. All spots have a deep bottom and flat reef.

The size of the waves range from two to seven feet during the season time. The main point is called “main reef” which has an “A” frame shaped wave which surfers can ride both the right handier and a left handier. One of the main reasons for Hikkaduwa’s popularity is due to the selection of budget and luxury accommodation. Hikkaduwa was a fishing village 30 years ago and since the early 1980’s, it has become one of the major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is famous among tourists for its natural beauty, wide sandy beaches, marine reserve, crystal clear waters, and hot sun. All of these make it a desired destination on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Tourists stream to Hikkaduwa mainly for the range of water sports like surfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and much more.

Ahangama Beach

Ahangama (November – April)

This surf camp will take place in Ahangama, Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, winds are offshore making clean waves, swells are consistently good, and rain is at a minimum. With tropical temperatures all-year-round and perfect waves nearly every day during the season (November-April), Sri Lanka offers ideal conditions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

Leave the wet suit behind, rock up in just your bikini / board shorts and embrace 28 degrees+ salt water. Forget about ugly tan lines, a smelly wet suit, and the struggle to put that wet suit on or off and enjoy the freedom with few people in the lineup, heaps of waves and good vibes. There are waves for everyone! Here are some surf spots near to the camp.

  • Beach breaks: Kabalana Beach, Welligama Bay, and Ahangama Beach.
  • Reef breaks: The Rock, Lazy Right, Lazy Left, Fisherman, Mirissa, and Rams Right.
  • Point breaks: Plantation, South Beach, Madiha, and Coconut.

Kabalana Beach

Kabalana Surf Spot.

Kabalana Surf Location is also known as The Rock, due to a very significant rock projected out in the ocean. This is the fancy point of many advanced surfers who come year after year to surf the south coast. Steep take-off, reef, warm water & The Rock gets you feeling like you’re really having a tropical surf session.

During high season the waves can go up to around 6 feet in height. Kabalana beach break which is in front of 7th Sky (Welhengoda surf point) is ideal for beginners during the season and off season. Localism is found there in Kabalana. So give some respect to the locals and they won’t drop in. It’s a good idea not to argue with them. Good remedy is to act like you don’t understand what they say. When surfs’ not up in Kabalana, most probably it’s not up anywhere else. So take a boat ride to Madolduwa in Koggala River or visit an aged old temple around Kathaluwa. Toward evening, may be you can go sightseeing and watch how fishermen go about their daily business on sticks.

Kabalana Surf Break Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

  • Wave quality – Regional Classic
  • Experience – All level
  • Frequency – Regular

Wave Type – Reef break

  • Direction – A Frame
  • Bottom – Coral, reef
  • Power – Medium to High
  • Good day length – 300m

Madiha Beach

Madihi Surf Spot.

One of the more overlooked surf points in the region. Consistent swell, 350 miters rides, reef break, intermediate to advanced surfers. The local Madhia Surf Club are perfect for giving you tips on this break, they have all grown up surfing it!

This place is really good for any surfer. In the season, many surfers visit this place. Locals are really friendly. Stay at Madiha, Polhena or Dondra – there are many places to stay. Water quality can be a problem – muddy polluted water at times. This spot has also been marked as a beach break, with sand bottom and suitable for beginners.

Surf Spot Details

  • Wave Quality Rating – 4
  • Type of Wave – Reef break
  • Direction of Wave – Right & left
  • Bottom – Sand & Rock
  • Difficulty – Intermediate surfer
  • Crowd Level – Can Get Busy
  • Hazards – none

Midigama Beach

Lazy Left & Lazy Right Surf Spot

A quiet village between Midigama and Weligama Bay. Gurubella has two local surf breaks; Plantation point and Coconut point. Great place to surf from dawn till dusk. Take a longer board and cruise the long ride at Lazy Left or get barreled at Ram’s challenging right handier. Very few tourists so you pretty much have the waves to yourself.

Lazy Left as its name suggests is a mellow left hand wave on a deep reef that holds to 5 – 6 feet on a good day. You can get some really long rides up to 500 miter on this one and it’s mostly a deep reef so fairly forgiving.

Great for intermediate surfers and advanced with a big swell. Perfect first reef break if you are a beginner as it is generally a very predictable wave. Lazy’s works best at low tide so in reverse to most of the other breaks in the region.

Jungle Beach

Reef Break Surf Spot Weligama.

Jungle beach is between Weligama and Midigama and is tucked away from the main road so you have to look for it, best to stay local, there are some great guest houses nearby. Overlooked by Super Luxury, Cape Weligama Hotel, not so many surfers staying here so it’s great at daybreak before any other surfers turn up from 7am.

Main left hand break with similar form to Lazy Left Midigama only not as lazy, and a right that works well January-March. The left holds to 7 feet with, long 500 miter rides. Mainly deep but has very shallow reef in parts, so check with a local if you’re not sure and it can be a bit gnarly in rough sea.

Weligama Beach

Beach Break Surf Spot

Surrounded by golden beaches, excellent warm water, and surfing conditions, Sri Lanka has become popular among surfers from all over the world in recent years. My Surf Camp Surf School is located right in the epicenter of 10 surf spots for all surfing levels within four-kilometer distance in either direction. The best surf spots of the country are just on the beach surf camp.

Come enjoy the beautiful Weligama bay with My Surf Camp Surf School! After your refreshing morning surf lesson with your experienced instructor, feel free to keep working on your skills by yourself in the water or come relax on sun-beds at the beach. Explore the surroundings, take it easy, sip a juice and go back in the water for your afternoon / sunset lesson, enjoying the gorgeous colors and the powerful “sunset” vibe. Meet great people within this surfing community, coming from all over the world, and go treat yourself for some massages or yoga lessons.

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Reef Break Surf Spot

Mirissa Surf Location is now a well know surf spot situated in the district of Matara in close proximity to Weligama. Some calls this spot Urchin Feast in honor of the urchin that will poke your feet if you go out the wrong way the surf spot is located on the right end of the beach where you will find many guest houses and restaurants. There is a channel through which you can paddle to the lineup. Since it’s a point reef break, you do not have to go to the last lineup to catch waves, since there are plenty of inside ones.

The easiest way to get in is around the big rock before the spot. The right start at the end of boulders, the further you go the longer you ride will be. It is an easy wave but you will have to get some speed in order to pass the sections. When it gets to 4 feet the left will start to show up about 80 from the big rock and is a punchy fun wave to ride. The only thing you have to be careful for is the get out of the water part. When you face the beach don’t go to the right where the fish wooden pole is; aim for the opposite side.

Look for the biggest tree on the beach, there is a 2 meters wide channel that is a manageable way out. U can also decide to paddle around the rock again the specialty about Mirissa is that its waves are hardly affected by onshore wind due to the point being located in between rocks and a hill. Mirissa also has a beach break ideal for beginners and boogy boarding and works best close to full moon days. When surf’s not up, Mirissa is good for snorkeling, fishing and one of the best places to go Dolphin watching during the whale season Nov – April.

Matara SK Town (Meddawatta)

Beach Break Surf Spot

SK town, located in Meddawatta, is a surf location in close proximity to Matara city. Access is through a concreted road, which leads all the way to the Meddawatta beach. This is the base point for a few surf training camps, due to its ideal conditions for all surfing levels. Meddawatta point has a sandy bottom. A very nice sandy beach is on offer for you to sunbath after a good surf session. The left end of the Meddawatta Break has some rip current, so beginners should avoid that area. A few minutes down the road you can find another surf break which is rarely surfed by anyone, but a good option if the other spots are too busy .Meddawatta Surf Location.

Meddawatta Surf Location Facts and Figures (SK Town)

Surf spot quality

  • Wave quality – Regional Classic
  • Experience – All levels
  • Frequency – High
  • Wave Type – Beach break
  • Direction – Right & Left
  • Bottom – Sand
  • Power – Medium
  • Good day length – 750 miters

Down South – Hiriketiya

Reef Break Surf Spot Hiriketiya

Hiriketiya Imagine a tropical beach paradise with incredible scenery and magical vibes. A hidden bay of turquoise blue ocean lapping gently onto the soft, white sand, with tall coconut palms swaying gently in the warm breeze and perfect waves for beginners to advanced. Welcome to paradise.

Hiriketiya Bay is a 500m beautiful horseshow shaped cove with left reef and beach surf break. It is a perfect place for surf families to stay, catering for beginner to intermediate level. Also the bay is surrounded by some of the nicest villas on the south coast, mid to high end hotels and guest houses. Super quiet location far away from the noise of the main A2 road, turning just south of Dickwella main town.

The reef break is a peeling left handier on a very shallow reef shallow closer to the coast line. It’s a powerful wave, holds up to 6 feet and can gave to a 350 miters ride round the bay. The point has a small take off area, great for six people but can quickly become overcrowded as the waves work with the swell and can take some time between each set.

Yoga Classes & Courses

“Experience what this tropical island has to offer and immerse yourself in a Yoga holiday in Sri Lanka”

Surf & Yoga Soul

Picture yourself practicing Yoga with like-minded yoga lovers, the wind in your hair and the beach just a few steps away. Traveling and taking part in a Yoga retreat is a wonderful way to fill your cup and enhance wellness, explore new parts of the world, be a part of the international Yoga community and most importantly: immerse yourself in Yoga.

A wondrous days of yoga, rejuvenation, and healing Ayurveda treatments at a sumptuous beaches in Sri Lanka.

Surfing and yoga work hand in hand. Re energize the body and mind after your morning surf session with a transformation afternoon practice. Then surf again for the sunset!

Go somewhere new and exciting!

So you probably have friends who have been to yoga retreats in Bali, Thailand, Mexico or Costa Rica: but how many people can say that they’ve explored and practiced Yoga in Sri Lanka?

Although Yoga is certainly not new to the region (it’s just a stone’s throw away from India), more and more Yoga canter’s and retreats are being established in Sri Lanka which makes it a perfect Yoga destination to deepen your practice.

Yoga & Surf Classes Program

Practice Yoga in a breathtaking location…Surf in Sri Lanka’s perfect waves… Relax and sleep in our laid back yoga retreat… and eat well to restore, revive and feel amazing. Those wishing to combine the traditional delights of Weligama, Mirissa, Hiriketiya with a days of surfing and yoga, can take advantage of some of the best beginner to intermediate waves on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, right at your fingertips.

The Yoga & Surf Package program aims to make sure you get the most from your experience in Sri Lanka whether you are an experienced surfer or have never tried it before. Surfing gets you fit, tanned and you’ll make some great new friends in the process. After an active day of laughs and spills, you can relax with our morning or late afternoon yoga & meditation sessions before sitting around the infinity pool at the Salty Pelican with some ice cold drinks from our poolside restaurant and your new friends.

Our friendly, highly experienced team will help you develop your own yoga practice, teach you how to surf a wave and create the perfect experience. Just a great week of fun, sun, sand, surf, yoga, meditation, good people, good times and good vibes.

Surf & Yoga Courses

This Surf & Yoga Packages offers an excellent detailed introduction to Hatha & Yin yoga for beginners and the chance to dive deep into more advanced practice. Yoga is for everyone, you don’t need to have any prior experience and we welcome complete beginners. We have a diverse daily program for both yoga and meditation, with multiple styles of classes including Hatha and Yin spread throughout the day for you to pick and choose the best time slots during your stay with us.

This gives our guests plenty of flexibility when planning their days with their alternative activities like surfing and exploring the local areas. Practicing Hatha & Yin yoga will help to harmonies the nervous system, increase your sense of balance with the body & mind and strengthen your lymphatic system. There is no yoga scheduled all day. We have our own beautiful covered yoga shala deck surrounded by lush tropical jungle & on the beaches our classes and we provide all yoga mats and equipment.

Sunrise Hatha Yoga

Starting with a per – yoga herbal tea as drinking tea before your yoga class can result in surprising benefits including improved circulation, and in turn keep you from getting lightheaded. Experience revitalizing Hatha Yoga sequences at sunrise to give you all the energy and focus you need for the day. Our in-house yoga instructors will help develop muscular strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and breathing.

They will help bring balance to your body and mind during the morning practice, so that we build our bodies to be light and strong for the day. The mental benefits of yoga include an increased sense of focus and awareness to the human form and body. This practice is for all level yogis…. You don’t need any earlier experience.

Meditation Classes

Before each class we drink some green tea which increases cognitive function, making this a go-to brew before each meditation session. Daily you will have the chance to join our meditation classes. Our teachers will guide you through a 20 min session to find balance with your body, Emotions and thoughts. Learn to relax with different breathing exercises. These classes are held twice a day.

Afternoon Sunset Yin Yoga

Lock in that calm and rejuvenated feeling with a cup of soothing lavender and mood-boosting chamomile tea before each late afternoon practice. We start our practice with a Yin Yoga class right before sunset… We hold long deep postures with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Almost every posture is done at beach level and the stretches will maintain for 2-5 minutes at a time.

This will take us deeply into our connective tissue expanding flexibility and aiding healing energy to our bodies. This practice is for everyone and it’s a beautiful way to start your yoga journey. Traditionally the Yin evening classes are soft, slow, restorative to integrate with the days surfing activities and prepare the body for a great rest overnight. Let yourself emerge into a nice flow of your yoga practice. Enjoy breathing, relax your body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and also your mind.

Packages For Yoga & Surf Camp

It is our mission to enrich your life with unforgettable travel experiences in Sri Lanka..!

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