Lankan Tour Hub (Pvt) Ltd). Reg.No. PV 119201.

Under limited liability company and the terms and conditions of Section 4(1) of Companies Act No.7 of 2007 of Sri Lankan Government.

Board of Directors.

Chairman & Founder    : – Mr-L.De.S.Ranga Shrimal.

Marketing Director.       :-  Mrs – Natalia Vidal.(Spain)

Director – Local Affairs : – Mr-R.A. Nalaka Prasad

Director & Secretary      : – Mr-T.P Sanjeewa Udhayakantha.

About Us..!


We are characterized by our daily service that is based on an excellent personalization in tours, specialists in groups of active and recreational adventure,To offer total seriousness and daily commitment before all the work and project developed with the maximum confidence and guarantee directed by our personal expert able to carry out all our demands.