Wonder Of The World – Sigiriya.

Sigiriya, the Rock of Lion, the treasure of Sri Lanka..!

It is an archaeological site in the district of Matale, in a central province of Sri Lanka.

Here you will find the ruins of an ancient palace, a monastery and other buildings, build on a large rock…!

This fortress is a natural watchtower that served as an element of vigilance and defense, being today a specular place to observe by tourism..!

From its entrance we are enjoying the royal gardens, a wide extension of land with constructions, swimming pools and other low buildings and trees of all kinds..!


Seeing its size and height. The beginning is the most spectacular, between two gigantic lion claws carved in the stone, are born stone stairs of more than 40 steps, giving way to the metal staircase dug in the sides of the great rock..!


water gardens of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa (Water Garden).

They are some of the oldest in the world and are arranged in a symmetrical way, forming a pond and islands connected to the paths.

The rocky gardens (Boulder Gardens) contain several rocks of dover shapes, surrounded by garden terraces, located at the same base of the rock, connected by the rocky gardens and by the stairs where the ascent begins.


The spiral staircases lead us to these fantastic frescoes of beautiful colors, precious paintings, engraved on the wall of the caves known as the Ladies of Sigiriya..!

repects several women, of tight sizes and looking good-looking breasts.

A wonder work, almost a relic and they are one of the oldest of the world ( 05 th century)..!


Mirrors wall.

We continue through passages and we discover this long wall of orange terracotta, also called as wall of mirrors.


The top. The last section is the most difficult, as the stairs are more and more vertical. The summit is flat and has an extension of 1.6 hectares. These rectangular lodges recall the pools of modern luxury hotels, but their use is strictly religious. From the summit you can see the green and dense jungle..!

Things To Do..!

  • Safaris.
  • Villege Tour.
  • Elephant Ride.
  • Masseges / Spa.
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Air Baloon Tours.
  • Dhambulla Rock Temple Tour.

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