Activities & Adventure Sports In Kithulgala

Packeges of outdoor activities and accommodation at the  best price.

Choose the pack that best suits you and enjoy a few days of total adventure and water sports.

We offer programs for groups in the best hotels in a special and wonderful place in the region of Kithulgala. Apartments, villas, hostels, resorts …

* Hotels & Highlight…

  • The Tree House  (Ginigathena).
  • Hotel Palmstone Retreat.(Kithulgala).
  • Kithulgala Heritage Resort.
  • Hotel plantation (Kithulgala).
  • Refters Retreat Kithulgala.
  • Hotel Breetas Garden (Kithulgala).
  • Aberdeen Falls Resort (Kithulgala).
  • Fern Hills Resorts Kithulgala.
  • Kithulgala Vinrich Guest Inn.
  • Leaf Watagala (Kithulgala)
  • Kumbuk Sevana Adventure Camp.


All it accompanied by a magnificent service of restoration at the disposal of the best Restaurants ..

Restaurants Traditional.

Restaurants specialized in vegetarian food. 

In the majority of restaurants they offer on weekends a wide buffet of traditional food of Sri Lanka, so you can tasting all our delicious foods. 

* Details To Higlights..!

With the proximity of 4 cities to visit .. to

  • 41’4 km from  Kandy.
  • 93’8 km from Colombo.
  • 67’5 km from Kalutura.
  • 41’1 km from Nuwara Eliya.

The main reason to come to Kitulgala is that of power the experience days of total adventure, with its great variety of sports, such as Rafting one of the most complete, known and chosen by our clients for the possibility also to practice their swimming classes. Kelani River through Kitulgala is the perfect place to try water sports with its crystal clear waters.


What activities do we offer you?

Kithulgala Village
Kithulgala Village


The sport recreational activity and the main protagonist most demanded by the clients in the region of Kithulgala.enjoy their exciting descent in a group by clean and brave waters for a greater and exciting tour and with it also to be able to contemplate the beauty of nature..

Our professional guides offer daily excursions to Kelani River charming place, the national park of the plains of Horton. With possibility to practice there also rafting on our Kelani River.

Safety and equipment .. Most of the activity is carried out in the guided informative classes of our expert monitors. Any person who does the descent of rivers at least to know the basic notions to practice this activity. Technical and indispensable safety Equipment for their total safety and the use of their paddling and rescue techniques.


* Technical Team ..

The implements that we will use  to make the descent in rafting.

The primordial element will be the raft that will take us to cross the river.

Generally the operators already have prepared the complete equipment so that they can being the descent.

* Equipments..

Life jackets,





Whistles shoes & bags.

Lighting system,

Waist guns,


Safty locks.

* Kayaking .

Excursions in kayaking, 

The best option for lovers of tranquility who seek to discover a relaxing & unhurried environment.


Enjoy the views of an impressive waterfall and experience this adventure that goes beyond your limits, the intense and powerful sensation of feeling that you are hanging on a rope and that there is nothing more than the water that falls on you, you will feel a Thrust of adrenaline like never before experienced.

The height of the waterfall is 105 feet and the duration will be 3 hours for 4 people.

* Hidrospeed.

Individual nautical sport that is permanently in contact with the water, accompanied by a hydro-sled coming to feel that forms part of the river.

* Waterfalls Tours..

Nice experience to get to know & experiment with a wonderful scenery to contemplate beautiful waterfalls up to 240 meters of impressive waterfalls, & it is not uncommon to spot a rainbow near the waterfalls.

One of the most popular bike tours is the path of waterfalls, this tour lasts half a day for an excellent route and make the most of the experience and full contact with nature.

* Bike Rent on tours.

We invite you to join us on a bike trip around the spectacular landscape in the middle of nature .We have the best in bicycle rental, this guarantees that you can move freely for every journey.One of the most popular bicycle tours.

* Excursions to the Rainforest (Trekking) .

Excursion and lunch included. An immense unspoilt rainforest / rainforest area in the south of the Kelani River, there are a few waterfalls to visit, in order to walk down to the jungle.

 Tea Plantation & Tea Factory Visits..

Excursions to the Nawalapitiya Tea Factory. Where it is possible to observe closely the work carried out inside the factory, an interesting excursion to experience, you can also make the trip by train and walk along the plantations of our magnificent tea..

Yoga – Meditation & Natural Therapies..!!

In this wonderful and charming place they also have the possibility to carry out therapies such as Yoga and alternative therapies with massages with essential oils.

* Recreational Camp.

If you want to feel free, relax and see one of the most spectacular areas of the country. Sleep under the stars in our camp and feel free and enjoy the place, its activities, equipment, meals, spiritual experiences, etc … Perfect planning To make,

 offers and proposals are fully adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers .


Secure Booking Without Charge..!

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