In Sri Lanka there is life in every corner, you never know what a surprise you can find if you stop and look at your around..!

Sri Lanka is one of the countries with the largest number of natural reserves, where you can discover the richness of all species & access certain reserves and protected areas where animals live in the wild..!

The Best & Attractive National Parks Of Sri Lanka..!

  • Yala National Park.
  • Minneriya National Park.!
  • Habarana National Park.
  • Wilpaththu National Park.!
  • Udawalawa National Park.!
  • Kumana birds Watching National Park.
  • Kaudulla National Park.!
  • Dundala National Park.!
  • Wasgamuwa National Park.!
  • Lunugamvehera National Park.!
  • Horton Place National Park.!
  • Lahugala National Park.!

Landscapes .

  • Kunckles Mountaince Forest..!
  • Peradeniya Botanical Garden..!
  • Hakgala Botanical Garden..!
  • Sri Pada / Butterfly Mountaince Forest..!


It is one of the most famous and popular national parks in Sri Lanka.

And his visit is almost essential once in the country. It already has the highest densities of leopards in the world.There is also a large population of elephants and you can find deer, crocodiles, buffalo and even bears. Besides, it is a spectacle for lovers of birds and peacocks who love anyone birds..!


Minneriya National Park & Kadulla..!

In these parks is one of the largest populations of elephants in Sri Lanka. In few places in the world you can see so many elephants together and from so close, families and families stroll through their meadows that surround the lakes while watching them from an all-terrain prepared for the occasion..!


Udawalawa National Park.

Park to the south of the island and not far from Yala. Here you will find the Udawalawe Elephant Transit tribute, an insertion center for orphaned elephants. Here also live leopards, bears, a variety of deer, crocodiles, water buffalo, monkeys, etc..!


Wilpathtu National Park.

This park is well known for the attractiveness of seeing more leopards. It is located on the west coast of the country and is the largest of Sri Lanka’s national parks. A safari in wilpattu is very different from what would be done in other national parks, with a genuine atmosphere, Wilpattu means in cingale “natural lakes” .A nature level is impressive, there are many elephants, lazy bears, leopards, crocodiles, buffaloes, etc. …

Kumana National Park.

Kumana National Park is a protected area and Sri Lanka.

particularly noted for its fauna, especially by the Ana tides and wading birds.

It is located on the southwest coast of the country about 391 kilometers from Colombo. It has a huge creek and some 20 lagoons and water reserves that serve as support for the extensive bird life..!

The park is surrounded by tropical thorny forest.Here are n deer, buffalo var ans, wild boars, elephants, monkeys, leopards, etc …

Horton Place (Plains National Park)

This park is located on the southern plateau of the mountainous region of central Sri Lanka..!

It is a protected area of ​​the central plateaus in Sri Lanka, this area is covered by mountain and bosque.La vegetation of the Plains is varied, in addition to many endemic species of woody plants and large herds of ravens Sambar of Sri Lanka..

Knuckles Mountain Forest.

Mountain Kunckles or “Dumbara” is located between the districts of Matale and Kandy in the central hills.

The valley of Dumbala has its rivers Hulu, where you can take a bike ride through the valley, you can also visit the oldest medieval village registered in Sri Lanka..!

And practice cycling if desired through the area that is offered with many waterfalls and streams..

Peradeniya Botanical Garden..!

Peradenya Botanical Garden is located in the village of Peradenya, in the vicinity of Kandy..!

It is considered as one of the best gardens, for its great beauty and its landscapes, worthy of astonishment at every step, the size of its trees, the depth of the gardeners really are true professionals of nature..!

Passing to great circulate “in the middle of the botanical garden we find an ample avenue of giant coconut trees and at the end of the way a suspension bridge of film..!

You can also visit a small house of orchids, a lake, a garden of spices, a garden of flowers and a collection of bamboo among so many things. The flora and its lovely gardens fall in love..!


Hakgala Botanical Garden..!

Main sections of the Hakgala Gardens in Nuwara Eliya..!

Explore this botanical garden is a luxury is the second largest garden in Sri Lanka, located on the Nuwara Eliya highway.In this garden you can observe many beautiful places, there are more than 10,000 species of flora planted here and during the spring of Nuwara Eliya come thousands of visitors come to see the blooms..!

Central Pond and Bulb Garden..

lower garden of the flower Rosalinda. Ferry. garden of rocks Arboretum..!

Sri paada / Butterfly Mountaince Forest..!

It is a mountain like Ica of 2,243 meters of altitude located in Sri Lanka, revered like sacred site by Hinduists and Buddhists..!

At the top of the mountain there is a well-known sanctuary where the pilgrims will offer their offerings..!

The pilgrimage to the mountain Sri Paada is one of the most unforgettable experiences to live in Sri Lanka..!

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