Sri Lankan Healing Sapphires & Minerals.

Sri Lanka is a particular country of great attraction that seduces the visitor with crystalline lagoons, endless sandy beaches and palm trees along a turquoise sea, tea plantations and rice terraces that are interspersed with tropical vegetation and mountains that enclosing forests and waterfalls..!

Just want to speak here mainly of the wealth of gems from this wonderful and charming place, with one of its main and known particular characteristics to detail, as a place of extraction of precious stones of great importance and quality in the market..!

They have long been a part of alternative healing therapies, but now crystals have quickly opened their way in skin care. Whether their facials incorporate the soothing properties of crystal pieces or the stones themselves as ingredients in serums and creams..


Sri Lankan

Sapphires / Gems / Minerals.

Gem. Mineral, rock or petrified material used in jewellery.

A gem, also called as a gemstone or sapphire, is a rock or mineral that can be used to cut and polish jewelry or artistic objects.

Others are artificially created with resin and pigments, or of vegetate animal origin, such as amber, or animal like pearl (produced by an oyster) and coral (formed by small aquatic polyps.)


  • Ruby.

  • Star Ruby.

  • Blue Sapphire.

  • Star Blue Sapphire.

  • Diamonds.

  • Alexandrite.

  • Chrysoberyl Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.

  • Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye.

  • Padmarashe Sapphires.

  • White Sapphire.

  • Yellow Sapphire.

  • Spinel Sapphire.

  • Fancy Sapphire.

  • Singhalite.

  • Emerald.

  • Aquamarine.

  • Moonstone.

  • Tourmaline.

  • Zarcon.

  • Pearl.

  • Pyrope Garnet.

  • Orange Sapphire.

  • Opal.

  • Hessonite.

  • Citrene.

  • Agate.

  • Amathyst.

  • Berly.

  • Fluorite.

  • Citrene.

  • Pink Sapphire.

  • Tourmaline.

  • Topaz & More..!

Crystals have been used since time immemorial for their healing abilities. Gems are thought to create a protective field around the body and promote change to mental and physical conditions. “Diamonds are the hardest gemstones and are also used in skin care to exfoliate and strengthen the skin. Diamond powder is used to reduce wrinkles and restore luster to achieve a youthful appearance..!

Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Tourmaline and Citrine increase cellular energy, micro circulation and clarity of the skin..!


Healing Power Of  Gems / Minerals.

Star Ruby & Ruby..!

The Ruby Shiny red gem, there is no colored gemstone that feeds passion more than Ruby..

This stone is also used as a healing and effective method in diseases of the digestive system, blood circulation, asthma, tuberculosis, etc..!

Star Blue Sapphire & Blue Sapphire..!


It is a semi-precious mineral characteristic of intense blue, is one of the four most important gems in the world and the most beautiful, along with Ruby, Diamond and Emerald. It isalso known as a stone of wisdom.

An important part of its world production of blue sapphires comes from Sri Lanka. It is also known as the stone merchants.

provides success and fame, to those who carry it, as well as economic prosperity..!

They are chosen its intensity, uniformity and purity of the color are the important considerations when deciding the purchase of a blue sapphire. It is one of the stones most sought and chosen by the height society..

It is also used in an important impart of therapies as in meditation to bring luck and light to the personality of the inner self.

It is linked to wisdom, truth, trust and intuition.

it is also attributed a broad aspect of healing effects. Low temperature and blood pressure, useful for skin diseases, asthma, eye conditions, as well as for tumors, ulcers, bone conditions, etc …

Its soothing effects calm the nerves and help people suffering from insomnia. And with all this, this precious stone always tends to radiate peace and sweetness and inspires faith and devotion..!


Diamond is crystalline carbon, from transparent to opaque, it is the hardest material known and highlighted by its color and the purity that stands out this wonderful stone.

Diamond has healing properties such as. Asthma, diabetes, anemia, joint swelling, intestinal ulcers, is also used as an antibiotic in curing tuberculosis..!



Sapphires are similar to Tubes, they come in many shapes and sizes offering a great variety to the lovers of the precious stones..!

Sapphires Rough Stones
Sapphires Rough Stones



Topaz is a mineral, natural stone colorless and glassy appearance, there are also variations with various coloration that are due to the presence of iron oxide and chromium.

In some of its varieties the color disappears after exposure to the sun or heat, while others, when heated, intensify its pinkish brown color..Topaz has a great healing power and is known as a good antibiotic in insect venom, it is also used to obtain good digestions for the body, hepatitis, diarrhea, jaundice, etc …


It is the most mysterious stone of the mineral kingdom, known as the sacred stone of intriguing seductions. Its light is the knowledge of good and evil and the whole truth.

It is a variety of beryl and is crystallized in structures of prismatic crystals. Its color is from green milky grass to the richest of transparent greens. it is formed in granite rocks and takes its color from the additional atoms of chromium and venadium..its properties ..Help in heavy digestions, asthma, high uric acid, respiratory difficulties, heart conditions, etc …



Pearls are spheres made of mother-of-pearl produced within the soft body of molluscs.

The best known pearls are those considered as gems or precious stones, by their symmetry and their particular luster.

Pearls have many healing properties such as … very effective for calcium deficiency, asthma, cough, breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc …



The zirconite or zirconite is a gem with macroscopic properties and very popular for its similarity and transparency with the diamond..

It is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium oxide ZrO2 Synthetic material is hard.Generally its color is colorless, but can be made in a variety of different colors. This stone is a great help and is used for skin problems and skin diseases, gastric diseases, diarrhea, etc ..

Zircon Colors
Zircon Colors



The Tourmaline is a precious stone belonging to the family of zircons, with a natural striation characteristic of it and its triangular section.

It is found in very different colors in the Nature and its name comes from the Sinhalese word “Tourmali” that means “stones of mixed colors”

precisely because of the combination of colored stones that it presents. It is known as a powerful stone to channel and transmute energy and is related to various signs of the zodiac according to color.

Due to its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties, the tourmaline charges itself when it is heated, subjected to pressure, cooled or subjected to a magnetic field and generates an energy field,

Due to its hydroelectric and piezoelectric properties, the tourmaline charges itself when it is heated, subjected to pressure, cooled or subjected to a magnetic field and generates an energy field,

Colors of tourmaline.
Colors of tourmaline.

Among several uses that are given to this gemstone during energy treatments are:

Balancing the chakras, eliminating stress, driving away depression, until you find positive effects on the health of people with cancer, kidney stones, arthritis, allergies.

It is also used to attract love, good humor, luck, self-confidence and emotional balance.

Colors of tourmaline.
Colors of tourmaline.

Lapis Lazuli.

It is considered one of the most appreciated stones in history and also very accessible in terms of its economic value, always embedded in rings and bracelets..

Its name is defined by its blue color, blue stone. It is a rock or mineral also much sought after by the jewelers because of its deep color.

It is a healing and soothing stone. Just touching the body improves physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional condition..

As a spiritual stone it reflects peaceful vibrations, considered as a powerful amulet of fidelity and is used to strengthen ties between lovers..!

Stimulates higher mental qualities and helps increase psychic awareness..

Protective and healing stone ..!

Alicia pain, especially the one of the migraines, allows to overcome depressions and is beneficial for the nervous, the respiratory system and the hyperthyroid..

Cleanses the organs, is beneficial to the bones, thymus glands and immune system.

helps to overcome hearing loss, purifies the blood and boosts the immune system. Relieves insomnia, dizziness and relieves blood pressure..!

Cat’s Eye Sapphire.

It is a beautiful and surprising stone, of extreme hardness, with a hardness of 8.5, being thus the third hardest and also known as Chrysoberyl.

it is then a fascinating stone that has different colors like green, brown or yellow.

The belief of this stone and its powers is extended in different cultures. He is used in esotericism for his extreme hardness, he is attributed strengthening powers for it helps to radiate bad influences and protect from diseases.

It is also used to promote states of mental relaxation.

Its properties … Helps to facilitate digestion, for the respiratory system, cough, asthma, constipation, diseases of the eyes..!


It is the current leader of the crystal gems and is the fusion between the Ruby and Sapphire..

Its properties: Helps stop bleeding, removes kidney stones, pancreas ailments … etc .

Amber Stone.

Amber is a semi-precious stone composed of fossilized vegetal resin mainly.

Amber is a semiprecious stone composed of fossilized plant resin mainly from remains of conifers and some angiosperms.

but it is not its only color, we can find it also in orange, red, white, blue green and gray.

It is attributed magical and healing properties and is believed to be an amulet that cures diseases away negative forces and attracts good luck.

Health Benefits: Revitalizes the body. Relieves rheumatic pains.

Good for the thyroid and respiratory tract, especially asthma.

Benefits for emotional health. Attract good luck Protection against the evil eye. It attracts success. Helps to resolve conflicts. Strengthens the aura. It fights the nervous tics. Good for headaches.


Agate is not a specific mineral, but a set of micro crystalline varieties of quartz. Actually, they are varieties of chalcedony that have bands of several colors little contrasted.

can take various forms and come in many varieties.It is a hard rock and resistant to chemical reagents. Agate has been called “The Stone of Gifts” It is widely used for problems of the ears, lungs, stomach and intestines.

Agate Various colors
Agate Various colors


Gemstone With Your Winning Number.


  • ( 1 ) = Ruby / Coral.
  • ( 2 ) = Pearl / Moonstone.
  • ( 3 ) = Yellow Sapphire.
  • ( 4 ) = Hessonite Garnet.
  • ( 5 ) = Diamond / White Sapphire.
  • ( 6 ) = Emerald / Green Tourmaline.
  • ( 7 ) = Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye.
  • ( 8 ) = Blue Sapphire.
  • ( 9 ) = Padmaragha / Coral.


Gemstones Associated With Planets..!


Sun – Padmaragha Sapphire.

Padmaragha Sapphire
Padmaragha Sapphire

MercuryGreen Tourmaline.

MarsRuby & Coral.

Venus – Diamond / White Sapphire.

Moon Pearl / Moonstone.

Saturn – Dark Blue Sapphire.

Natural Dark Blue Sapphire
Natural Dark Blue Sapphire

A-Node (Rahu)Hessonite Garnet.

Garnet Gems
Hessonite Garnet.

B- Node (Ketu) – Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye.

Cat's Eye Stone
Cat’s Eye Stone

Gemstones With Your Zodiac Sign.

Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs
  • Aries – Ruby / Coral.
  • Taurus – Diamond /White Sapphire.
  • Gemini – Emerald / Green Tourmaline.
  • Cancer – Pearl / Moonstone.
  • Leo – Padmaragha Sapphire.
  • Virgo – Green Tourmaline / Emerald.
  • Libro – Diamond / White Sapphire.
  • Scorpio – Ruby / Coral.
  • Saqittarius – Yellow Sapphire.
  • Capricorn – Dark Blue Sapphire.
  • Aquarius – Dark Blue Sapphire.
  • Pisces – Yellow Sapphire.

Gemstone Associated With Month Of Birth..!

Gemstone Associated With Month Of Birth..!
Gemstone Associated With Month Of Birth..!


The Astrology Way Of Fixed To Ring Of Nawarathna ( 9 Gems ).

  1. Ruby 
  2. Pearl
  3. Red Coral
  4. Emerald
  5. Yellow sapphire
  6. Diamond Or White sapphire
  7. Blue sapphire
  8. Hessonite
  9. Cat’s Eye


Type Of Cutting Design Of The Gem.

diamonds & Gems Shapes
diamonds & Gems Shapes


General information.

We count on the important collaboration of the “Gemologist Dr – Dunil Palitha Gunasekara”.

Dip. The Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Dr – Dunil Palitha Gunasekara.

He is the president and Gem logistician of the Gem Lab Crystal Gallery, No – 28, Batugedara, Rathnapura, Sri Lanka and founder of the new vertical gem Dunilite stone..!

for this reason the gem & jewellery authority of Sri Lanka has accepted its name as discovered of this new stone, and that its commercial name like “Dunilite” for this gem..!

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